How to Capture Better Video on your DSLR


We talk to small business owners all the time who see the value in producing video to promote their business. For a lot of entrepreneurial types, this means buying a camera and attempting to learn how to shoot decent video over the weekend.

Many come away from the “do it yourself” video production experience discouraged.

They’re discouraged at the seemingly endless list of pricey equipment required for pro-looking video.

They’re discouraged at the learning curve required to capture great audio, edit video, and capture and compose a pleasing shot.

They’re discouraged that once they get the camera rolling, they have no idea what story to tell that will actually help establish themselves as experts or make sales of their product.

While we always recommend hiring a professional (like Gravity Pictures) to produce quality video for your business, we understand that some situation call for in-house solutions.

Here’s a great resource for folks looking for ways to capture better video.

The three tips cover:

1. Stabilization

2. Camera Settings

3. Audio Capture

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